Blue Moon's, Bravery and Being Bold: May Moon Magic Part II

Each and every month we get the opportunity to set new intentions with the new Moon and then release, purge and let go during the full Moon.  The full Moon today on May 21st is in Sagittarius and is also a blue Moon. 

Full Moon/Blue Moon in Sagittarius – 2:14pm PT/5:14pm ET

Blue Moon meets the Red Planet (Mars) at its brightest in a decade.  

Also known as the Full Flower Moon, Mother’s Moon, Milk Moon, Corn Planting Moon – May Moon marked the time of increasing fertility with temps warm enough for safely bearing young, a near end to late frosts & plants in bloom ~ Old Farmer’s Almanac

You may find yourself reflecting this month on experiences you may have had while traveling.  Some of these experiences have shifted the way you live or even your belief systems.  This emotionally charged blue moon allows you to share these thoughts with others and even plan for future quests.  Spiritual destinations may be on the horizon.  ~House of Intuition Full Moon Candle for May 21st.  

What exactly is a blue moon? A Blue Moon typically occurs when two full Moons happen in the same month.  This Blue Moon, however, is a little bit different. According to The Farmer’s Almanac, the full moon on Saturday is considered a blue Moon because it is the fourth full Moon in a season when there are typically only 3.  Consider it a bonus full Moon.  This is also the first of two consecutive full Moons in Sagittarius, the second being on June 20th.  In addition to all of this full Moon/blue Moon magic, Mars will be the brightest in a decade and will be visible to the naked eye.  

The Sagittarius full Moon is calling us to be brave and take risks and align and open ourselves up to the limitless possibilities we’ve never considered.  

It is my personal intention this month to let go of the thought of not feeling good enough and criticizing myself in everything I do or say.  I want to embrace the “no fucks given” philosophy and just do me no matter what and not worry about what everyone else thinks.  Wish me luck! ☺ 

If you are going through a breakup, breakdown or breakthrough the next two full Moons are an excellent time to let go of the limiting thoughts, beliefs or habits that no longer raise your vibration or make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. 

When I was going through my breakup from a relationship of seven years, creating rituals around the moon cycles really helped me get through my depression and anxiety.  I looked forward to the new Moon every month to see what amazing, bold intentions I could set and the full moon was the time to let go of the garbage - the self-limiting beliefs and negative stories I told myself that left me attracting the same type of partner.  

Below you will find my full Moon ritual.  I have been doing this ritual for several years now and I find it so invigorating.  If you want to do this solo, that's fine. The Full Moon is also a great time to get together with your girlfriends and practice this together. 


My besties love coming over and doing this ritual around my fire pit.  We’re close so we read what we are ready to let go of out loud and then watch that sucker burn.  You don’t have to read it out loud but man, it sure does feel good! 

Give it a shot and tell me what you think! 

  1. Create a sacred, quiet space.  Even better if you can perform the ritual outside, under the full Moon and connect with Mother Nature. 
  2. Close your eyes.  Take a few deep breaths and imagine a beautiful white ray of light washing over you and radiating through your chest.  Encouraging the release and cleansing of the negativity within.  
  3. Light a beautiful white candle or my favorite House of Intuition moon cycle candles here:!moon-cycle-candle/c1jb6  
  4. Take a moment to center yourself.  Write down what you are ready to let go of, release, cleanse, purge.  Date it, sign it.    
  5. Read your list aloud to the Universe.  I find that verbalizing and hearing what you are ready to let go of helps you to process your intentions more clearly and brings a strong sense of peace.  
  6. Take a deep breath and declare, “and so it is” and light your page on fire.  Make sure you have an empty bowl nearby to toss the burning paper in if you are inside or a fire pit or something of the like if you are outside.  As you watch the paper burn, honor the smoke that is created as that is the release of your intention into the Universe.  
  7. Relax for a moment as you let everything go.  I like to follow up this ritual with a shower or bath as water is also clarifying.  Oh! And if you are into crystals….be sure to charge them under the light of the full Moon! 

What are you ready to release this full Moon? Comment below and let me know.  

Get that weight off your shoulders so you can soar and shine! 

The Moon Is My Muse…#MayMoonMagic

My two favorite days of every month are the New Moon and the Full Moon.  How awesome is it that we have an opportunity to plant the seeds of our desires and also let go of whatever may be weighing us down every, single month!? 

<<If this is your first time hearing about moon cycles, check out this article on Astrostyle to learn more:>>

No matter what’s going on in my life, I make sure to set aside time to honor these events with a ritual – a signal to the Universe I’m backing up my intentions. 

For me these cycles are also a reset and an opportunity to check in with myself about what I deeply desire and what I’m ready to shed so I can make way for all of my intentions to manifest.   

This month, I invite you to create some magic with me.....#MayMoonMagic.

Maybe you need to let go of negative self-talk to break through to a more accepting, confident YOU! Maybe you are ready to finally let go of your ex to open your heart up to someone new! Maybe you will finally walk away from that job that is keeping you in a holding pattern and blocking your creativity from coming through. 

During this month of #MayMoonMagic, I’ll share with you my new moon and full moon rituals and challenge you to do the same to create some magic of your own. 


Below is my New Moon ritual and later in the month, I will share the second part of the challenge and what to do on the Full Moon.  If you're open to sharing your New Moon intention(s), take a pic and hashtag #MayMoonMagic so I can support your breakthroughs. 

New Moon in TAURUS – May 6, 2016

This New Moon encourages us to be focused on areas of value.  Are you giving the appropriate attention to your relationships? Are you focused on creating a solid foundation for new financial plans? By planning accordingly you can create balance and stability.  This allows you to be present with what you love and value.  ~ House of Intuition – New Moon in Taurus – Magic Candle

The New Moon is the beginning of the moon’s various phases so it is a powerful time to set intentions and plant the seeds of all you desire.  A ritual is a symbolic gesture that backs up your intentions. 

What you will need:


-Candle (I’m obsessed with these candles from the House of Intuition in Echo Park.  A white candle will also do.)

-Find a sacred space in your home to light your new moon or white candle.  The New Moon and Full Moon candles from the House of Intuition burn for 7 days so I set them in a shallow bowl of water and keep them lit until they burn out.  

- Cleanse your space with incense, sage or palo santo.  I don’t care for the smell of sage so I use a palo santo stick.!product/prd15/3237573961/palo-santo-stick-(1-piece) ) 

-Write down your intentions and what you want to call into your life (DREAM BIG) in a journal or on a blank piece of paper. Remember to sprinkle in simple manifestations like "finding unexpected cash", "concert tickets" or small things for fun. I like to do both. In my journal, I like to rededicate my intentions every month, readjust my intentions, see if I’m in alignment with my intentions, etc.  I copy my intentions onto the piece of paper and place it under the candle. Just a little extra magic!

-Meditate on and visualize your intentions. 

And that's it. That's the ritual. One of the questions you may be asking now is, "Amanda, WHEN do I do this?" The New Moon takes place Friday, May 6th. 

Honor The Space In Between "No Longer" and "Not Yet"

What are we supposed to do after a break up or a loss, when the pain is SO FRESH and the wounds run really deep? 

What about the period right after the breakup/loss/breakdown where a week or two (or 6) may have passed and we are actually feeling......worse? 

One of my FAVORITE quotes (and it comes from Nancy Levin) is "Honor the space in between "no longer" and "not yet."

And today on, I share what to do during this time to help you heal and move forward:

Wisdom From Dr. Danielle Dowling

Wisdom From Dr. Danielle Dowling

Have you heard of Dr. Danielle Dowling? I first "met" her after reading one of her articles on and ever since then, I've loved what she's had to share from blogs to her newsletters. Since this site is dedicated to BREAK THROUGHS (as much as helping you through break ups), I wanted to share an article from "Dr. D" on dating better . 

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Fun Facts About Me

FACT: It is not easy to be this VISIBLE.

Vulnerable? Sure. But visible? Not typically my idea of FUN.

Which is ironic considering I grew up on the stage and considering my desire to help as many people as possible.

And so I share this because you may be nervous to reach out and ask for support.

You may feel INVISIBLE after playing your strengths down at work or not being heard in a relationship or dealing with a toxic friend.

But you aren't to me.

I see you, I can relate and when the time is right FOR YOU, I will hold space for you to be vulnerable with me too. 

Now onto the FUN part of this post. 

  • I was a dance major—with a focus in Flamenco!—at the University of New Mexico.
  • I’m originally from Houston, Texas, and I am obsessed with the Houston Texans. (And I was in a commercial with defensive end, J.J. Watt!)
  • I have two Corgis named Buttercup and Wesley. Can you guess which movie inspired that? :)
  • My favorite color is yellow.
  • I started my blog, The Break Up Center, two years ago, and have facilitated several Make It Break It Workshops and have been interviewed by sociology departments at colleges and universities!
  • I’ve called the City of Angels home for 14 years.
  • I have my comprehensive Pilates certification through BASI Pilates

You know what else is fun? Sharing some pics of my fun facts below.