In 2009, I went through an ugly and tumultuous breakup from a relationship that I had invested seven years of my life into. My ex took everything from me—furniture, computers, the good memories. I was understandably heartbroken and lost.

I lost everything—including my identity and self-worth—and had to start all over again. 

Growing up, I studied dance and I knew the power of physical movement to process negative feelings. I knew I needed to move through my anger, and I kept imagining a safe space where I could throw, smash, and break stuff to process this terrifying transition. 

I desperately needed a physical manifestation of the pain, rage, and brokenness I felt inside. 

I shared what I was feeling and thinking with my friends. Could I really rise back up from my breakdown by smashing a few things? We all thought “YES”. A few days later, I made a trip to the 99 Cents Only Store where I spent $5 on a few ceramics.

I took them home and I smashed the SHIT* out of them. 

I cried. I released. I let my toxic anger out. As silly as it sounds, I knew that I could find meaning and healing from those broken pieces—both figuratively and literally; from picking them up and putting them back together to create something new and beautiful in my life. 

It was the perfect metaphor for the work I needed to do in my own heart and in my own life to move forward. I realized soon after that my breakup was actually a breakthrough to my true calling in life: using healing arts to help other people do the same.

My mission is to help you transform your breakdown into a positive experience; one where you can truly heal and find meaning and growth within your pain. 

Whether you’ve lost a partner, a job, a loved one, or anything else, I have created a safe haven where you can break down without shame, and build yourself back up again.

Because you get to express yourself. 

You get to have another chance.

You get to define this experience; it does not define you.

Just because it’s broken doesn’t mean it can’t get better.

I promise it will! 

To learn more about my Break It / Make It workshops, my coaching services, and all of the ways we can work together, please visit my Work With Me page.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me! I can’t wait to meet you.

Amanda Meyer Bio

Amanda Meyer went from touring and traveling with various dance companies to discovering her love for leadership and event coordination these past 12 years as a high-level executive assistant for various financial institutions. She has executed client entertainment events, corporate meetings, industry conferences AND her own Break It/Make It workshops merging her love for creative expression, collaboration and live events. During this time, she also created "The Break Up Center Blog" (after her own tumultuous breakup) to help men and women around the world learn to leave their past behind, pick up the pieces and put their lives back together for the betterment of their future. 

Amanda's professionalism, attention to detail, unique approach to smashing ceramics and reassembling them into works of art has caught the attention of several LA based corporations, organizations and women looking to break out of personal and professional plateaus.

She is a proud alumni of Marie Forleo's "B-School" and also volunteers for the non-profit Vibes 365 when her schedule permits.