We break up with friends, lovers, break up with our jobs, or simply suffer breakdowns in communication with any number of people. 

My work can help you transform those breakdowns into breakthroughs.



Break It / Make It Workshop for Women

This workshop is about expressing your emotions as and through art. It offers an opportunity to connect physically, mentally, and spiritually with your feelings, and transform them into an experience that celebrates and best serves you.

In the Break It / Make It Workshop, women smash, slam, and break glass, ceramics . . . and really anything breakable that we can get our hands on. For the first time, perhaps ever, you will have the opportunity to express your lingering and unproductive emotions—the anger, the pain, the stagnation—physically and powerfully.

And then? Well, then we’ll pick up those splintered, broken shards and create something new; something beautiful. You’ll create a work of art with the broken pieces left behind. 

Together, we will commemorate your fresh, new beginning. 

The Break It / Make It Workshop is a day of purging, healing, exploring, renewing, and cleaning out everything in your life that no longer serves you. And it’s about putting the pieces back together, and learning how to take care of yourself in new ways. In past workshops, that’s included massages, angel card readings, meditation, and more!


Break It / Make It Workshop for Groups+Corporate Teams

The Break It / Make It Workshop can also be uniquely tailored and customized to fit your needs. In the past, I’ve set up everything from successful corporate workshops for clients such as Mattel and the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce to “Divorce Parties” for women looking to celebrate the beauty in the breakdown of a long-term relationship. I’ve truly got something for everyone! 

Whether you have a team of 10 or a group of 40+, Break It / Make It workshops offer a chance for individuals to break through creative ruts, connect through teamwork, and encourage communication by breaking down and building up together again as a team. 

Whether you too want to set up a “Divorce Party” for a heartbroken friend or a corporate retreat for a lackluster team—or something in between—we can create the workshop that’s right for you! 


Breakup Coaching

If you’re looking for more personalized, in-depth support, then I encourage you to work with me one-on-one. I currently offer private coaching opportunities to women who are going through a breakup, whether with a former partner, a friend, a job, an addiction, or more. You can connect with me via a 30-minute call, a 60-minute call, or we can create a monthly package that works for you!

Click here to let me know the option that works best for you and start our work together. I look forward to working through your breakdown—and towards your breakthrough—together!


More info coming soon. 


Do you represent a college or university wellness department? Sorority? Student services? I can share my signature talk on breakups to help students process their experience and move forward towards their future. 

Rounding out a conference on dating, relationships and letting go of your past?

Or just looking to add a perspective on infusing arts and more creative collaboration in the workplace?

Let's discuss your audience and mission. Whether you need a seminar or a keynote speaker, it would be an honor to share my message with your group. 


In this moment, I imagine you might feel overwhelmed, beaten down, hopeless. But I promise you that not all is lost. In fact, you are poised to turn your breakdown into a breakthrough. There is healing, transformation, and power in your breakup, in your breakdown, in the broken pieces of your life that lay before you. 

Because you have the opportunity to put these pieces back together—and, even better, you have the power to create something new and beautiful with what’s been left behind.

I hope we get to do it together. 

To schedule a workshop or speaking opportunity or to work together one-on-one, please send me a note! I can’t wait to meet you.