We all deserve to have someone dedicated to helping us through our transitions. Someone who will actively listen, someone who will hold space, someone who will provide us with the tools to move forward. 

Often, we look for that in our friends, our family, or our mentors. But, for myriad reasons—whether they’re too close to the situation or going through a breakdown of their own—they’re not always able to support us 100% during the time we need them the most. 

That’s why I am here. 

I don’t know your ex, your boss, or the friend you can no longer relate to. But I do know that breaking shit can lead to breaking through. And I am here to help you, to listen, to facilitate as you channel your feelings. Together, we’ll set you free on a new path; toward your new beginning. 

Are you ready for that? I hope so. Say YES to YOU today!

To work with me one-on-one, to attend a workshop, or to set up one of your own, fill out my form: http://bit.ly/WorkWithAmanda 

You can also send me a note: amanda@amanda-meyer.com

I’m here to support you however you need:

I can answer questions.
I can share my experience.
I can show you how anger, frustration, and BREAKING the patterns of your past can lead to inner peace. 

(Trust me—I’ve done it myself!)

Talk to you soon!

With love,


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